Galen Aubrey Hicks

Pagliarini Lab Design

Cover design submission (pending) for Murray et al., Nature Chemical Biology 2022

To represent how TPP-UNC-CA157 targets mitochondria out of other organelles within cells, I came up with the idea to represent it as a claw selecting a mitochondrion out of the other organelles in a claw machine game. This representation takes a very complicated and intricate process and shows it in a way that grabs the reader's attention and still communicates what the article talks about.

Some assets used in the final cover design and earlier iterations

Lab name tag design interations and final name tag design

Graphical Abstract Redesign for Nature Chemical Biology article: Small-molecule inhibition of the archetypal UbiB protein COQ8: two iterations, far right is the final version

Graphical Abstract Redesign for Molecular Cell article: Structure and functionality of a multimeric human COQ7:COQ9 complex